Create a New Account

This menu is facilitating to know the way to create new account. Open website Unggah karya Ilmiah mahasiswa UT  (, then fill complete data in form :

  1. Fill your email (must be valid).
  2. Fill your NIM (must be valid).
  3. Choose date, month and year, based on your birth date.
  4. Fill your Title of Journal scientific work.
  5. Fill journal name that generated when your NIM is valid.
  6. choose scientific work with search place of file scientific work on your computer. (file that can be uploaded with extension doc,docx,rtf,and odt, with size less than 1 MB).
  7. Input keyword to easier when search (the word that included on your Journal).
  8. Register your new account by click button  :
  • If failed, register form will be appear again with red color in different field input that's not correct like this :
  • If success, system will be appear message to check your email address that you registered to get your password and further action to join with your new account :